Friday, 25 October 2013


Buildings often change their use and from time to time public toilet buildings are sold off
and maybe converted to other use as in the following cases.
Lou’s View

In the 1990's an enterprising Scarborough businessman bought a rather nice old Edwardian building from the local council when it became redundant.   Nestling into the side of the cliff overlooking the North Bay, the building was ideal for use as a cafĂ© and he called it ‘Lou’s View’.   It was formerly a public toilet.
The Theatre of Small Convenience
Another disused toilet has also been put to good use at Malvern in Worcestershire.  A former Victorian gents toilet now houses the world’s smallest commercial theatre.  It covers and area of just 109 square feet and seats just 112 people.


Holiday toilets
In 2011 a builder paid more than £100,000 at auction for a redundant Victorian toilet block on the sea front at Sheringham in Norfolk. Situated at the foot of the cliff over the promenade alongside the beach, the builder intends to convert the substantial building into a beach house for the use of his family.

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